Visual Arts

The Visual Arts curriculum at Escola Eleva sees every student as artists. Student’s artistic process and practice is understood as vital for developing individual expression and creativity, the program’s core objectives.

In Infantil, children exercise their motor, sensitive and artistic skills, especially through the use of natural materials. In Fundamental I, students experiment and manipulate several techniques and methods using IPC and other projects transversely. Beginning in Fundamental II, the focus is creating intentional and personal art through a consistent creative process. In High School, students work in individual (or “student-led") projects in which the teacher acts as a facilitator of student artistic growth. We also offer IB Visual Arts following all international standards.

The Visual Arts Department uses the Studio Habits of Mind (SHoM), a framework developed by Project Zero at Harvard. SHoM can be seen as a lens to make learning visible and meaningful. This process uses a set of thinking dispositions, fostered by teachers, that helps students develop an artistic mind.